“With so many beautiful visual moments in our lives, I feel grateful to photograph and create art.  I have been fortunate to travel broadly over the years, enabling me to live and learn the beauty of other cultures, extracting specifics to incorporate into my work.”

Janis Wilkins, a native New Yorker, has been creating photographs and art for 30 years.  Her love of photography was born while living in Brazil.  “It was the sound of Portuguese and the music that first gave me the incredible pull to go there.  The visuals in Brazil grabbed me; I became enamored of color, space and architecture while composing photographs.”

As well as photographing worldwide, she brings her images to ArtGraphica, where she is Creative Director. ArtGraphica creates identities, with all related print and online materials for foundations and businesses. Clients have included two International Symposiums on Micro-Finance and World Peace, held in Cali, Colombia, attended by Nobel Prize winners, Bishop Desmond Tutu and Mohammad Yunus, among others.  

Her photographic and design work can be seen on many musical releases, websites and print material. She has been shown in several collections in Bogotá, Colombia; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Los Angeles, California and New York City, and her work has been published in American Photo Magazine.